Is there a way to create keyboard shortcuts or use in macros the track drop-down menu items?

For instance, I can’t seem to find “Make Stereo Track” in the assignable keyboard bindings. Nor does it appear in the Macros list of items that can be inserted in macros, as far as I can tell. Likewise for “Split Stereo Track” in the same drop-down track menu.

I know I can drop down the menu itself with the Shift+M shortcut, but that doesn’t help me select the items much faster as they have no keyboard bindings of their own. I’d like to map them (Make Stereo Track and respectively Split Stereo Track) to “M” and “S” as neither of these key bindings are apparently used for anything else by default. Can I do that somehow?

Ah, ok, if you do use the Shift+M binding, then you can press “K” for “Make”, so it’s an emacs-ish combo “Shift+M, K”. These things are not revealed by underscoring them unless you enter that menu via its keyboard shortcut, i.e. mouse alone won’t reveal those, at least on Windows 10.

And for that Split the shortcut is “Shift+M, I”. It would have been nicer if they were more directly bindable.

(Aside: the “N” in that menu is bound to both “Name” and “Split Stereo to Mono” so neither will execute just by pressing N with the menu open, but it will cycle between them and you have to press Enter to confirm. On other windowing systems it might work differently.)

Still, I don’t know how to use the entries in this track drop-down menu in Macros.

Is there a way to create keyboard shortcuts or use in macros the track drop-down menu items?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer:

Shortcuts and Macro / Scripting commands are currently only available for top level (global) commands.
I’ve heard that at least one of the developers is interested in providing context sensitive shortcuts, though whether or not that will provide the functionality you are asking for is yet to be seen. There is no time schedule for this work yet, so it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

There was a workaround in earlier versions of Audacity by creating a macro to duplicate, pan and mix to mono, but in testing this I see there is a new bug that appears to make it impossible :imp:
(I’ll log the bug if it’s not logged already)

Logged here: Mix Stereo Down to Mono applies Pan incorrectly · Issue #2386 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Ok, thank for the info. I’ve filed a separate feature request for macro access to these drop-down commands, so maybe it gets more interest or attention that way. :mrgreen: