Is there a way to create a macro that zooms vertically?

Is there a way to create a macro that zooms vertically?

Every time I need to enlarge the waveform, I have to go with the mouse to the left vertical bar and press or use the pointer and shift. I would be useful to have some key combinations available to simply enlarge the audio portion more easily like we can do on the horizontal axis.

You need the “Set Track Visuals” command.
Example: Zoom in to show the range 0.25 to -0.25:


I don’t understand.
How can I set that and what does it mean?

See here for how to create Audacity macros: Macro Manager - Audacity Manual

If you create a macro with the “Set Track Visuals” (as shown in my previous post), then it will apply the specified vertical zoom to the selected track(s) when you run the macro.
You could create one macro for each zoom level that you require.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to each of your macros. See: Keyboard Preferences - Audacity Manual

Thank you very much, that’s a life-saver!

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