Is there a way to convert a guitar amp cable into a mic jack

Sup guys. I was wondering, is there a way to convert a guitar amp cable into a mic jack.

EX: Have on end of a guitar amp cable connected to my keyboard, and have the other convert to a mic jack input into my computer’s on board sound card?

Is this possible or must I have to get a pre-amp that’s made for PC’s?

I just wanna in line record so I don’t have to hear the loud bashing on my keyboard during my recordings lol.

The headphone output of your keyboard should slide right into the Line-In connection on the side of your Mac with this adapter–assuming you already have a 1/4" to 1/4" stereo cable.

If you’re on a PC deskside machine, make sure to pick the Line-In jack on the sound card, not the Mic-In (usually pink, but not always).

If you’re on a PC laptop, you’re dead…unless your machine has the ability to convert your Mic-In jack into Line-In. You could also have a really unusual PC laptop with both Line-In and Mic-In. I think some of the Lenovos do that.