is there a way to bump up volume equally automatically?

Hi, i been using audacity to remove backgroup noise and i notice that after noise reduction twice to remove all the static background noise, some times the volume does down in the certain area… so is there a function on audacity that’ll allow me to automatically bump up all the lower volume area to match the higher volume area so the sound output is equal?

right now i’m doing it manually and it’s has eat up my whole day, just to do that =/


after noise reduction twice

Does that work any better than one noise reduction with higher settings?

If your show is damaged by Noise Reduction, then you may need to select a different profile. The profile step is supposed to have only noise and no performance in it. If you get some performance in the profile by accident, it will do what you have, distort the performance.

If the noise is bad enough you may need to shoot the performance again.

Leveler creates distortion. Effect > Compressor in Audacity 2.1.0 or 2.1.1 can be used for this.


Leveler creates distortion.

Really? That’s a disappointment. Actually leveller is better for his purpose.
Wonder how it causes distortion, just from selective normalization.

Yes. Read Leveler - Audacity Manual. We are only keeping Limiter until we release a new distortion effect.


Yes. Read Leveler - Audacity Manual. We are only keeping Limiter until we release a new distortion effect.

My levelling did not take me to the top or above it.
I didn’t think it was a compressor because it should just raise the top, not compress the bottom.

thanks, but that isnt what i’m after… i want the make the softer part of the audio as loud as the louder part of the audio without making the louder part of the audio any more louder…

unless i been doing it wrong, it seems like both compressor and leveler will bump up the audio regardless… so it will make the softer part of the audio louder but it will also bump up the louder part making it even louder…

Amplify the track with default settings before you apply the compressor. That will (mostly) prevent the compressor from making the loudest parts louder. You can amplify the track to a lower level later if you wish.

I would NOT recommend using the Leveller effect because it creates distortion.

Not exactly. It evens out the levels. But yes the thing does sound louder after that because the quiet is now louder, you’ve evened of a few peaks, and the new peaks will take everything higher. You do need to lower the volume, maybe even to 70%, to sound equal.
The leveller does more than levelling really.
In a previous edition there was an FFT adjustment (or something) where you could manually shape the volume thruout the file. I can’t find that now.

I think you are probably referring to the “Envelope tool”

If you have “Compress based on Peaks” unchecked, which it is by default, then the actual compression stage is downwards and nothing is made louder - the audio above the threshold is made quieter, and the louder audio above that threshold is reduced more than the quieter audio above the threshold.

But the “Make-up gain” step in Compressor makes the result of the compression peak at 0 dB, which may be higher than it was before Noise Reduction.

Depending on your material you might be able to save a step by unchecking “Make-up gain” in the Compressor then use Amplify to set a “New Peak Amplitude” below 0 dB.


I had the same problem with a vox track. I solved it by selecting only the louder bits for compression, then boosting the whole lot to the level I wanted.

cant believe i never though of that facepalm myself

it works… thanks. now i dont have to spend all day combing through hours of audio