Is there a way to add a video display for syncing yet?

I’ve always wanted to make it so I could easily dub over a video in Audacity, like replacing sounds in a game with my voice or voice acting a character impression over gameplay with ease. But using two apps just to do that seems like such a hassle, recording a 6 minute video could take hours of cutting. If I could just have the option for videos to play, separated by their sound. Is there a plugin or feature that could do what I want?

If not, Maybe the best way to have a different video editor where I can easily add snippets of my sound from audacity to the video without needing to save every individual sound. preferably a free video editor. I see other people do things like this, but I never really know what program they use.

There is an altered version of audacity called audavid, that adds a video playback. I don’t think anyone knows about it, but unfortunately it’s extremely outdated to like version 2.3. I tried moving its plugin to the latest one, but it says library not found.

I can tell you read the title and didn’t even bother reading the content of the post.

Yeah, try addressing the content of my post before gatekeeping editors

@Neoslayer Adding a video track is on our to-do list for “eventually”. No concrete plans at the moment; there’s a lot of other priorities, too.

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I’m still using 2.3.2. For me it’s quicker and more reliable than Audcaity3.
Old Audacity versions download

So I love the editing I can do for audio in Aud. But to edit video audio and tried this “old man” hack. Used a couple of the free video editors like Movavi and then separate the audio track. Then in Audacity Track 1 is the original audio track, I record my over dubs on a new track 2, then mix the 2 together. Then back in Movavi add the audio back in. Even MS movie maker lets you do this. Oddly enough with a synced start point, both audio and video usually stay synced. Only once did the video end up 4m32.5sec and the audio track was 4m32.1sec. No problem in Audacity as I just slowed the track down without changing the pitch and voila. Probably taking the “long way home” but it worked. In fact, a friend has a video editor that lets you edit audio as well, but not near as many audio features as audacity. OK, you experts can all stop laughing now…LOL

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The line between audio and video editors is uncomfortably blurry. There really is a sliding scale from

  • I want to edit audio files
  • I want to edit audio files to use them in a video later
  • I want to sync up audio files with video
  • I want to make simple to the reference video to fit better to my audio files
  • I want to edit video files

As such, it should come to no surprise that some video editors used to be audio editors originally (Vegas Pro) and that many DAWs and video editors have features which creep into the other domain.

As for Audacity, I don’t know yet how far we’d want to bring video. A reference track is definitely something we’d want to do, but I have no idea where the natural stopping point would be.

All good points. Aud is great for Audio. Imagine how big the program would have to be have the same amount of audio features but made for video…
I mean attaching and syncing audio clips to video would be cool, but editing the actual video content is another animal. Good luck!


Now this is is a proper answer. Looking forward to that.

For the time being, does anyone know if there’s maybe be some kind of simple video editor that can use Audacity as a sort of plugin, where I can quickly plug a voiceover in each area I want without having to save the sound file each time?

I don’t have an answer to this question but for video editing I use Shortcut
This editor has recently added a significant amount of features for audio editing.

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