Is there a version of an voice controlled audicity tool

or in fact could there be?
What we are looking for is to help a person with cerebral pulsy (no vision and no tactile ability, but very bright and eager to learn) to compose “papers” - that develop in stages
E.g. first stage - ask questions that need an answer to come to a conclusion or theses (we deal in text criticism, but I guess it can be done for any kind of paper):
Second stage would need to add “answers” to the questions
and third stage would add “footnotes” i.e. to support the answers from the material read

That version would need to be simplified (it would not need to have all the “voice editing tools” which could be done later in audicity by someone else who can see. It should be voice commanded - record, stop, repeat, insert.

Audacity does not have voice control, but it does have very comprehensive support for keyboard operation and flexible key bindings for nearly all functions, so it may well be possible to use Audacity with appropriate voice recognition assistive technology (such as commercial products from

That’d be cool if there was a voice controlled version of audacity haha.…it’d have to be pretty advanced though