Is there a general chat sub-forum?


Posting in wrong place I think, but wondered if there was a general chat going on here for people who podcast.

I make mine with Audacity but wanted to chat about promoting my podcast, I have my own Twitter account with a decent following, I have been promoting my pod on my own feed and numbers have been going good, is it worth creating a Twitter account just for my podcast and sharing/RT’ing that, anyone’s experience of this would be ace, best to have seperate or all in one place?

Apologies as I didn’t know where to post this.

There isn’t a “general chat” board, but if you wish to talk about podcasting with Audacity, then this is the correct board.

Please note that advertising is not permitted, so please avoid treating the forum as a promotion tool for your website / podcast.

That’s cool, not advertising, just seeing if anyone had experience of running posts from own Twitters etc or creating a new intentional one :slight_smile:

would be awesome to see if we can get someone from the forum to pitch in their best podcast marketing techniques… a podcast had forever been in my bucket list!

No I don’t think it would awesome. I think it would be opening the gates to a bombardment of spam. “Marketing techniques” is too far from the core purpose of this website and would not be allowed.

“Best tips for producing podcasts with Audacity” would be acceptable.