Is there a button i can press to start recording

is there a button i can press because i am a youtuber and i have lost 10 good game play footage because i use Dxtory to record my game and the game sound and i use Audacity to record my voice and at the end i put them together but i cant start them both at the same time so it gets messed up and uneven and when i look back when i said something it wasnt at the right time and is uneven is there a button i can press so that it record audacity with out me manually hitting it and rushing back to my game and hitting the record button for the game recording device? I Really hope there is. Thanks!

You should be able to start Audacity recording with the “R” key. But that assumes the program has focus and nobody else is using that key for anything else.

You can change the key.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Keyboard.


I am not familiar with Dxtory, but it sounds like you are recording your game with one system or software and recording your voice with another software (Audacity) in this case and you need to synchronize the two.

All you need to do is to create some synchronizing clue(s) that you can use in your recordings. If the sound of your game is audible, you can start recording of Audacity, start the recording of the game (but not start playing yet), then move the microphone for your voice close to the game speaker to record some of the game sound (or music) before you start playing, and then put on your microphone as you would record your voice normally, and then start playing. When you combine your voice and the game recording, both the game video and your voice recording will have that common sound (or music) in the beginning, and you can use those for synchronization.

If you game sound is not audible but go directly to the recording, then you can sing in tempo with some part of the game music in the beginning, and then use this for your synchronization.

But honestly, I am not sure if I understand your problem correctly.

Your problem is the same or similar to general “video sound synchronization.” Maybe doing a search on that term will help too.