Is there a broken soundwave repair plugin for Audacity?

Windows 7 32 bit SP1
Audacity 2.0.4 .exe

Please see picture…

I am capturing audio off of Soundcloud and Youtube and I keep getting these waveform breaks that sound like pop and crackles and breaks.

Is there a plugin that I can use where I can just select the whole stereo track and click “fix” or whatever and the plugin will got through and reconnect all of the places where the wave is broken?

Thank you

Analyze > Silence Finder and Analyze > Sound Finder. I think one of those can do that.

Snaps, pops and holes are almost always a sign that the computer isn’t powerful enough to manage live audio. If you’re recording internet audio, the computer has to do it twice, once from the internet and then once again recording in Audacity. It quickly separates powerful machines from the others.

Here it is. Effect > Truncate Silence.


The new version of Audacity may have had troubles, too.

Awesome! Thank you. My laptop is pretty ancient… It has a 2.7Ghz dual core and only 2 gigs of ram.

It’s better to stop the recording gaps occurring if you can. You may find something here that helps .


Thank you. I did as much of what is recommended in that link and it helped some. Definite got to get more RAM though! :slight_smile:

Here’s a picture of the settings that I have found to be the most effective…

I have to be careful not to select parts of a song that are too quiet or they sound warbly if the Truncate Silence effect is used on them. If there are any soundwave breaks in those parts I just zoom in by selecting the area where I hear it (or see it) and then use the [Ctrl] + [1] shortcut to zoom in and then just delete the area between the break.

This Truncate Silence effect works great! Thank you again. MAJOR time saver.