is Reloop PLAY soundcard incompatible?

I love audacity, but cannot get it to work with the Reloop play sound card.
I have tried both Mac & PC. Audacity does not recognise the input, eventhough the OS does.

does this hardware have a known incompatibility issue?


Do you have Windows drivers installed for the Reloop Play sound card, or only ASIO drivers?
Audacity cannot be shipped with ASIO support due to licensing restrictions, so if you only have ASIO drivers installed it won’t work with Audacity.
If you’re a computer geek, you could build Audacity with ASIO support, but it’s not an easy task if you’re unfamiliar with programming (more info:
If there are Windows drivers available for the sound card, ensure that they are installed.

Thanks for reply.
I believe its just ASIO drivers, how about mac, is it the same?

Mac is a foreign language to me, but I’d have thought that you’d be OK on Mac as they use Core-audio or some such don’t they?
Do ensure that the device is connected to the computer and recognised by the computer before you open Audacity.