Is recording while listening to other media possible

I have tons of tapes I would like to digitalize.
My question, when recording the sound is coming through on my PC - I know I can mute my PC completely to be able to read or write.
But can I mute “only” the sound of the recording , so that I can listen to other media on my PC - while recording??

If you mute the sound coming through your PC, and you are recording the sound that is coming through your PC, won’t you be recording silence?

I have the taperecorder plugged into the Mic input
When I press the taperecorder I hear the Tapes content
IU than press record on Audacity and it records - I can see the blue waves and listen to it afterwards.
But I would like the recording to record silent while listening to Podcast, TV etc. but are not sure this is possible

If I mute my Computer it is still recording the sound from the taperecorder, but I can not listen to anything else from my PC

In the device toolbar, ensure that you have the input that you are recording from selected as the recording device (NOT “sound mapper”). It may be marked as “Line In” or similar.

In the Transport menu, ensure that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected).

In the Windows Sound Control Panel, ensure that “listen to this device” is not enabled for the input that you are recording from.

Does that now do what you want it to do?

Thanks Steve for all the Tips, but No !!
looks like I have to listen to it while recording -
well ok, than I have to figure out how to build that into my schedule

Please, state your version of Audacity and Windows (see the pink panel at the top of the page).

Please be aware that the mic input will be either mono or at best somewhat low quality stereo. If it is mono it will be prone to distort if you connect a strong tape player output to it. So if you have a separate line-level input (probably blue), use that instead.

“Listen to this device” is usually available on most machines running Vista and later. Are you saying when you right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, choose “Recording Devices”, right-click over the external mic and choose “Properties”, that you have no “Listen” tab?

The other place (on all versions of Windows) where it might be possible to set an input to play through the speakers is in the volume controls for the speakers (so the “Playback” tab in Windows Sound). But few sound devices in modern computers offer that, unless it’s a high end Desktop machine.


Hello Gale,
window 7 and audacity 2.0.5
No there is no listen to this device on clicking on my speaker symbol , but after searching and looking I finally found in System - Realtek audio manager - 2 regulating buttons 1 for recording sound and one for playback, so closing this playback button finally did not shut of the whole sound system.
Success!!! - Yeaaaahhh :slight_smile:
thanks guys

PS: Is there a way that the audacity recording stops automatically when the audio stops?

There is “Sound Activated Recording” which pauses the recording when the audio input is below the specified level:
There is “Timer Record”:

Thank you :slight_smile:
greetings from Germany