Is it safe to use headphones when listening to silent subliminals

I just started using this technique here described in the video and was wondering if using headphones would damage my hearing since i’ve read the frequencies in silent subliminal’s could cause hearing loss. Is it safe to use headphones from using that subliminal.ny file to make it silent? Is this the same as ‘Ultrasonic’ Subliminal?

I don’t think you can get “dangerous” ultrasonic levels from regular headphones and a regular headphone output/amp. If you can’t hear it or feel pressure in your ears, or anything like that, you are probably safe.

Ultrasonic signals could possibly damage the tweeters in your speakers if you have a high-power stereo. (The high-frequency part of a regular audio signal is lower than the bass & mid frequencies. Tweeters aren’t made for high-power signals and with ultrasonics you could have very-high power and not know it.