Is it possible top open multiple audio files from the command line?

I’m attempting to create a project from the command line using multiple audio files. As of now, all I can do is open multiple projects each with one audio file. Is this possible? I am running Audacity 2.2.1, installed it using the distribution’s release, and my Linux version is Ubuntu 18.04.1. Thanks!

Yes it is.
You need to create a “.lof” file (see LOF Files - Audacity Manual)
Then you can launch Audacity with lof file as an argument.

Example. If the .lof file is called “mystuff.lof” and it is on your Desktop, and your log-in name is “teebqne”, then the command will be:

audacity "/home/teebqne/Desktop/mystuff.lof"

Awesome. Thanks for the help!