Is it possible to synthesize a voice with chosen gender from a male (father) and female (mother)?

I want to use/make a Voice-Changer or Text-To-Speech voice that sounds like a voice of an adult with parents being the same age, where X is a male voice, Y is a female voice, and Z is a voice blended (not 2 voices mixed) to sound like a voice with chosen gender the age of X and Y, not a kid (though I would like to be able to change age as well, if possible), outputting Z. FaceApp for Android does this with faces, but I want to do something similar with voices. If I calculate age correctly for in-between, a 23-year-old man and a 27-year-old girl would make the voice of a 25-year-old with a chosen gender. I could need a small sample of a certain vowel of voice of both partners, and blend them into one wave, and synthesize the output, right? Where can I find a free plugin that does this, or how do I program this in NYQ?

Some Features I Want Could Be:
Mix 2 voices into 1, like parents
Gender crossing or 2 of the same gender
Supports younger kids and/or the elderly as parents
Supports self-parenting, making the voice of someone being him/her self
Supports gender changing
Supports age changing
Voice changing to created voice
Text-to-speech with created voice
Adjusting to recalibrate to closest to realistic (or robotic) sound
Testing of voice
Saving or memorizing created voices

Can anyone point out a free plugin or code that does some and/or all of this?

If people have fun doing faces on FaceApp, I’m sure they’d love this idea, a voice version.

I don’t think such a plug-in exists. It sounds like a job for “Lyrebird AI research”.