Is it possible to remove this audio interference/breakup?

Hi there,
Really hoping somebody can help - basically as part of my job now I have to edit a podcast! I don’t really have any experience in this but i’m trying.
The latest episode has some really bad audio interference/breakups - is there anything I can do in audacity to help this or is it a lost cause?

Please hear attachment,

Thank you in advance!


Probably not. If you have the original .WAV file you might gain some improvement with Click Removal. There are others monitoring this forum that have much greater experience in this area. Do you know what caused the problem to begin with? Do you have the original .WAV file ?

Probably not.

What he said.

These aren’t single, very brief ticks of digital error. There are entire words in the presentation behind a wall of trash. It doesn’t look like spectral editing is going to help, either. It’s broad-band multi-pitch.

I get a roughly similar sound errors when I try to hand-hold a recorder. Did it come that way from Michael Corrigan?

Is that the “House of Cards” actor?