Is it possible to remove static from this sound?(repair)

Windows 7
Audacity Version 2.0.5

Background Info: This is a preach from an important person in the Filipino Catholic community and I was hoping to restore the his preaches.
Note: The voice is in a different language.
LINK TO THE FILE( Google Drive):

I have a .mp3 file that is very poor quality for it was recorded a LONG while back. The quality is so bad i’m not even sure this is fixable, but if it is help is appreciated. If the static could be removed or kept to a minimal enough so that the voice can be heard.
Also this is not the full .mp3 only a part so you don’t download the whole 23 mins.
If you could leave the steps of how you fixed it up so that I can replicate it on the rest of the other preaches. Even if you can make it sound a little better that would be enough for me to translate.

Thanks in advanced!

I’m out. It’s very highly damaged. If it was a simple vocal presentation it would only be bad, but it’s en suite with other voices and sounds. That makes it impossible to find a good place to set up Noise Reduction. In addition, there are portions where the lead voice just gargles and vanishes. There is no recovery for that even if I could get the tools to work.

So I think that’s the end.


Ok. Thanks for the attempt!