Is it possible to rebuild this file?[SOLVED]

I have a folder _data which has a e00 folder and within that folder 8 subfolders d00, d01 etc to d08.
In those folders are .au files.

I noticed I don’t have the .aup file for the project, also checked the temp folder and there’s nothing there?
Is it a way to rebuild this file?

Thanks in advanced!

Just “_data” or is there a show name like MyNewMusic_data? Did you search for “MyNewMusic?”

Good disaster recovery is a feature request.


You need the AUP file that has the same name as the _data folder that contains that “e00” folder.

Did Audacity crash? If so have you restarted it to see if it will recover the unsaved changes? See Audacity Manual .

If you don’t have the AUP or the autosave file, the project can only be recovered completely correctly if you have a mono recording and you never edited it. If you want to try, you have to do sorting and renaming of the AU files - please see here Missing features - Audacity Support .


No it didn’t crash and the file name is “SCRATCH 3_data”.

I did a search of my computer looking for all .aup files and nothing. And I don’t remember deleting any .aup.

We cannot explain why you have no AUP file. Have you looked in the Recycle Bin?

If you have no AUP file, then as long as you did not edit the project by cutting pieces out or applying effects (for example, it’s an unedited recording), you can recover it as described by sorting and renaming the AU files. Please see .

If you had edited the project heavily, no useful recovery is possible without the AUP file to say where exactly all the AU files should go. In that case the only (slim) chance if the AUP is not in the Recycle Bin is a data recovery program such as Pandora Recovery. This will only help if the AUP file once existed, not if due to some bug Audacity never wrote the AUP.


Ok I used the tool described in the above article and it gave me 2 wav files. One for channel 1 the other channel 2.
When i play the wav it’s just a few seconds of each song? What do I do next?

Thanks for trying the recovery.

We can’t see your computer, so we can’t tell you why the AUP disappeared or why the recovered WAV is mostly silence. Is that what you mean? Or is the WAV only a few seconds long? If so, that is not correct.

Are you sure you started with the folder “SCRATCH 3_datae00d00” and in that “d00” folder, sorted the 256 files by timestamp, and then renamed them while time sorted into a sequence like through to If you did that then you should have at least 12 minutes of audio.


What I did was take all the .aup files out of each folder (d00 - d08) and combined all of them into one folder which gave me 2166 .aup files. Then I used the the tools described to rename & recover the audio. That then gave me the 2 wav files channel 1 & 2 that were 107mins in length that played a few secs of a song.

So what you’re saying is that only do one folder at a time? Then what from there?

Thanks for the help so far!

Ok I did each folder and I ended up with 2 wav blocks channel 1 & 2 each 12:40mins long which still plays a few secs of each song.
Here’s the file along with scene shots of the folder before & after renaming the files.


I made that suggestion in case you were getting the files out of order (or not carrying on the renaming sequence into the subsequent folders), but also because that 1.2 Recovery Utility tends to fail with more than 1000 AU (not AUP) files.

Also each AU is 1 MB. So if it was a mono recording, you could have a WAV file over 2 GB in size, which may not play in some players or in older versions of Windows.

Is the original recording stereo or mono? If it is mono, then telling the recovery utility to recover two channels will give you give you every other block of 6 seconds. You will get the first 6 seconds, the third 6 seconds and so on. The second 6 seconds, fourth 6 seconds and so on will be in the other recovery WAV. If this is the problem, rerun the utility set to 1 channel.

If the recording is stereo then the result will not be perfect (in some cases the the block that should be in the left will be in the right, and vice-versa).


The recording was in stereo…

Is their a way to put this together with only a few secs of each song playing?

In the above post I added a link so you can hear what it sounds like.

We don’t know what it is meant to sound like, nor can we see your computer, sorry.

Are you sure you sorted these files by time before you renamed them? You cannot do this in icon view in Explorer - you need to change the view to “Details” then click the “Date Modified” column to time sort the files before renaming them.

Also as previously explained, if you had been editing this project by applying effects and cutting pieces out and putting pieces in somewhere else, there is no way to recover it properly without the AUP file to say where the moved and edited pieces should go.

If you are doing a lot of editing, it is best to File > Save Project As from time to time to save a copy of the project as it is then with a different name (such as “project name edit stage 2”). And it is best to export the recording as a WAV before you even start editing it. Then you always have data you can go back to.


No editing was done just straight recording.
Ok I see about if the order was sorted correctly.

After double checking to make sure I had the files in “date modified” order which they wasn’t the first time, Finally success!!

The audio plays all they way threw no interruptions!

Thanks for all the help!!