Is it possible to modify voice styles in Audacity?

I use a Text-to-Speech Service to create an audiobook.
It’s great, but unfortunately there is no service for now with emotional voice in german. With emotional I mean angry, happy, ironic and so on.
I only can set pauses and speed.

Is it possible with the help of audacity to change voice styles and if yes, how? Do I need plugins? Are there some available?

That means you tried it once, right? Did they catch you?

Not so far. We can’t do “acting.” I posted that I once played two different people by changing the microphone/face spacing and acting the woman’s part. I’m a male bass. The producer decided to keep it in the show.

That’s as close to fame and fortune I ever got.


Thanks for the answer. Perhaps, that should be the next step in audio editing and with the help of K.I. it should be possible. Would be great to see this feature. Hope the developers read this.

I use a paid TTS Service and I have the license from the author. It’s a free comunity project. So all is legal. For the audiobook I tested a lot of TTS Services. Now I use and have a big eye to I think these are the best for now. In english, both have emotional voices, but not yet in german.

I’ve been listening for theatrically perfect presentation, tone, and emphasis but then every so often, an ordinary English word mispronounced.

Wait. What did he just say?


I don’t know, what you mean. Are we talking past each other?
In my case I have a normal A.I. generated voice as MP3 and want to modify it to sound angry, happy, sad and so on.

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