Is it possible to modify standard MP3 music file with 'concert hall' effect?

I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and Audacity 3.1.1

I have loads of MP3 2-channel music files. I enjoy listening to them, but would like to modify a few of them, with something like a ‘concert hall’ type of effect, for more of an immersive experience. Is this possible? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s the [u]Reverb Effect[/u] (short for reverberation).

…But try not to go too crazy with it. :wink: It’s up to you but it’s easy to get carried away with any effect and the amount of reverb that sounds great in a concert hall sounds unnatural coming out of a pair of speakers (or headphones) at home.

Try applying the “Reverb” effect (see:
Ensure that you keep a backup of the original - while it is possible to add more reverb, it is almost impossible to remove reverb.

Dimension expander plugin [free] … https ://

Hey folks, this is “Chevy-SS” posting under new name and email. I have not been able to get emails from Audacity Forum using my “Chevy-SS” account. So, after much troubleshooting, I simply ended up creating a new Audacity account, with a different name and email address, and it seems to work. I am able to get an email from Audacity now, but we’ll see how long it lasts. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for replies. I’ve been messing with the reverb and concert hall effects. Pretty cool stuff.

Let’s say I find the concert hall settings that I really like and want to do them to 100 MP3 music files. Is there any way to do the whole batch of MP3 files at once? Or do you have to do each file individually?

Again, many thanks for the tips. I really love the Audacity program

That’s likely to be a hotmail problem. They are notorious for blocking emails from forums.
Thanks for letting us know what’s going on.

You can create a “Macro” and apply it to a batch of files, provided that the files are all in the same directory.

The first thing that I would do is to save the reverb settings as a user preset. (See:

See here about creating macros:
Note that for batch processing, the final command must be one of the “Export” commands (so that the processed audio is saved)

Well, my new account did not solve the mysterious email issue. I am not receiving notification emails from my new account (Mojo888). It is not a Hotmail account. I am perplexed by this… anyone have an idea? Thanks

To get notifications about replies to your post, you need to “subscribe” to the topic. See the spanner / wrench button near the bottom of the page and remove the tick from “subscribe”.

Steve, thanks very much for the help. This has likely been my issue all along then. Typically (every other forum I’m in), you would tick the box to subscribe. Your instructions seem counter-intuitive. But oddly, the tick IS in the box, and I DID get email notification about your reply. :unamused:

Thanks again, Dave