Is it possible to fix this distorted audio?

BACKGROUND: I recorded this audio via Zencastr.

NOTE: The speaker’s channel is recorded locally to minimise any sound distortion and for best possible quality via the internet.

ISSUE: some of the sound is distorted.

Please see audio: Sound Bite - RAW audio.wav - Google Drive

Is anyone able to advise how I can rectify this distortion?

Gavin from Essex does not sound distorted to me:
There’s just a few clicks created by his microphone.
They can be removed by spectral editing …
Gavin from Essex

but it’s nitpicking: probably not worth the effort.

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Great! Thanks Trebor. Pleased that Gavin from Essex sounds good!!

If you have the track gain slider above +3dB ,
then Gavin could sound distorted to you.

The recent incorporation of playback volume slider into the meter can partially hide the red lines showing clipping distortion has occurred.

red line clipping hidden by slider

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The gain is on 0 but that’s good to know it must sound okay!

Thank you :grin: