Is it possible to fix sound overdrive

I have recorded an interview and my guest’s track is OK, but mine is overloaded a bit. I have checked and it does not show any clipping but still sounds distorted. Not sure what happened. I can rerecord my part of course but wanted to try to fix it. It’s not too bad but still annoying. So I wonder if it’s still possible to make it better. I can attach a small sample but I cannot see how to do it.

You can try the clip-fix anyway to see if it helps. It tries to fix the wave shape by restoring clipped peaks, although it’s impossible to know the original shape & height of the unclipped wave.

Show Clipping is just checking the levels and showing potential clipping. It’ not looking at the wave shape. For example, you can get clipping somewhere on the analog side and if the digital peaks don’t hit 0dB it won’t show clipping. Or if you have a clipped file and it’s showing red, you can lower the volume and that will “hide” the clipping from Audacity.

There are also other kinds of distortion but clipping (“overload distortion”) is the most common.

Or, since Audacity can go over 0dB internally, you can boost the volume (or boost the bass, etc.) and you might see red, but the actual data isn’t actually clipped (yet). If you play it at “full-digital volume” you’ll clip the DAC and you may hear distortion, or if you export as a regular WAV file it will be clipped to 0dB. In this case you can simply run the Amplify or Normalize effect before exporting, you won’t get clipping.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I have tried Clip Fix and it just lowers the volume.

You can try to listen to the original sample here if it works.

Adobe Enhanced … Enhance Speech from Adobe | Free AI filter for cleaning up spoken audio (free, for now)

Thanks a lot fo that. It definitely make it sound better! I have run my track through it and left the guest’s one as it is. I actually tried to run the how mixed track through Adobe, but it is too clever for its own good. In some places it tuned down the guest’s voice so much that it sounded like echo. But I guess it’s probably is intended to be used with a single voice/track.