Is it possible to egalize the speed of voices ?


I’m doing transcription in my job, and I use a lot Audacity to convert et modify my sound before to transcribe to help me.

BUT some people change their way to talk during the recording (talking fast then slow down then talk fast again, also they speak high then very low).

I was wondering if there would be a way to egalize this speed of talk ? To keep the same rythm all along ?

Please can you explain me how in details ?

I saw an option “egalize”, I don’t know if it could be helpful but it seems to be complicated to make some setup with this option.

Thx for your help,
have a goog day

Is that the French word for “Equalize” ?
If it is this, then I don’t think that will help.

You could use the “Change Tempo” effect to slow down or speed up parts of the recording:

Steve’s extend-silence plugin could help transcription : by increasing the silence between phrases if it is too brief.

Then use truncate silence, to make the excessively-long silences shorter.

Steve :
Yes it’s the french word for Equalize LOL
I already tried the 2 options you gave me, but it didn’t fix my problem. thx anyway.

Trebor :

thx very much, I will try these 2 plugins that seems very interesting for my solution :slight_smile: