is it possible to convert a vocals-only file to the sound of an instrument??

Hi everyone

the OS is Windows 10.

I apologise about my ignorance.

I found a mp3 file with one of my songs’ vocals (only vocals).

If at all possible, I would like to convert this vocals-only file into one with only the sound of a musical instrument (piano, or strings, etc). In other words, I would like to convert voice into piano (or strings etc).

It’s only one file and, I suppose, not worth spending money on it. If push comes to shove, I can play/record such melody using my keyboard etc etc.

In the meantime, I’ve searched all over the internet (for VSTs, plugins, etc) and, apart from a few phone-apps (??) nothing seems designed to do what I would like.

My question is:: in Audacity, is there anything (even a plugin, VST, etc) that can actually do the conversion voice-to-instrument??

In advance, thank you very much for your kind help


Not as far as I’m aware.

I think that’s your best option.

There are some apps that can convert a single vocal into MIDI that can then be used to play MIDI instruments, but the apps that work well tend to be expensive.

I can play/record such melody using my keyboard etc etc.

Is that a MIDI keyboard? Have you used MIDI? (I am not a musician and I haven’t used MIDI but I know something about it.)

With MIDI you can create a whole virtual band or orchestra! You don’t actually need a keyboard to “program” MIDI but the people who do “serious work” use a keyboard even if they tweak the notes & timing in software later.

You would need a DAW or other MIDI software. Audacity has VERY LIMITED MIDI capability.

If the song is “popular” you might be able to find a MIDI version of the song on the Internet but It would probably require lots of editing to match the tempo (and maybe the pitch) so it’s probably not worth it. (You may have to pitch-correct the vocals in any case.)

Google’s tone-transfer, (but it’s early days)
https ://

One more thought,

You might not want to simply duplicate the vocal note-for-note. You probably want chords, and then possibly some “complementary” or harmonious notes and maybe some percussion, etc.

It’s also possible that the vocals need some pitch correction if they were sung without a tuning reference. The notes could be relatively-correct but sung slightly sharp or flat in-between standard-traditional notes.