Is Force export to mono not the best practice? (kozikowski comment)

I’m asking in reference to this comment:

Constant 192kbps, but what should the “Channel Mode” be? Joint stereo, Stereo or Force export to mono?

If you start your readings in mono, one blue wave on the timeline, none of those settings do anything. > I’m not a fan of Forced Export to Mono > > because that means your WAV Edit Master and your MP3 audiobook submission may not match.

You can’t go back and edit your MP3 submission. Editing an MP3 causes sound damage and you can’t stop it. If there is a change, edit or re-cut, you need to go back to the WAV Edit Master to do the change and then make a new MP3.

I’m recording in mono and want to send a mono MP3 to Audible. If I don’t check ‘Force export to mono’ will it still be mono? What’s the best practice here?

Best practice for audiobooks is to record in mono. If you do that, it doesn’t matter if “force mono” is selected or not because the audio is already mono.

If the project is mono, then the exported file will be mono, regardless of the ‘Force export to mono’ setting.
‘Force export to mono’ only has an effect if the project is stereo.