Is Exporting my cassette recording as a WAV file a good alternative to Save Project As?

The “Save Project As” does not seem to do want to save the project at times without several attempts. To avoid this I was wondering if Exporting my project as a WAV file (to quickly save the recording without fuss or muss) then later reloading for editing and mastering? Do I lose any fidelity or detail in this process?

WAV is fine. I almost always save-as WAV and I rarely make projects (since I’m rarely doing anything “complicated”).

It’s a good idea to make a WAV as a backup in any case, because occasionally project files get corrupted and WAV files are “simpler” and more robust. You can load your WAVs into a project if you wish. Multiple WAVs (or other files) are sometimes a reason for making a project.

Projects are saved in 32-bit floating point, and you can make a 32-bit floating point WAV but “CD quality” 16-bit, 44.1kHz is generally better than human hearing, so good enough for anything and WAY better than analog cassettes.

Generally speaking, no. Before doing this, verify that all of your audio is below 0dB. Select > All, Effect > Amplify should show 0dB or greater.

If the Amplification factor shows a negative number, like this:


Then you will have undesired clipping in your .WAV file.

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