Is "Center Pan Remover" plugin functional?

I downloaded David Sky’s Center Pan Remover from two sources, including Audacity’s download page, extracted the file “centerpanremover.ny” to installed Audacity’s plugins folder, and set the program to scan for new effects upon next start (checked them all). Normally a window appears that lets me choose which plugins to include. But I still don’t see the plugin in the “Effect” menu. I have had no problems getting other plugins to work. Is “Center Pan Remover” compatible with Audacity?

This is an absolute unnecessary step since the effect is already shipped with Audacity.
Look in the effect list for “Vocal Remover (for center-panned vocals)…”.
Please note that the plug-in dialog does only apply to Vst plug-ins.

Thank you. That’s great news. By the way, after closing and re-opening Audacity, the scan for plugins finally appeared, and I was able to use the plugin. But as you kindly point out, the effect is already included. I just needed to scroll down to the added ones.