Is Audacity on Linux a linuxVST 2.4 compatible host?


I’ve done a search of the forums for this question but results aren’t clear to me.

The Linux Studio Plugins Project provides some useful plugins in various formats of which I’ve concluded that the VST is the most easily recognised by Audacity (just drop the files into a user’s .vst directory and they are picked-up by the Add/Remove Plug-ins… feature).

The stated requirement for using the VST plugins is that the host software, i.e. Audacity, must be linuxVST 2.4 compatible. Does Audacity qualify in this respect?


VST support is largely untested on Linux, as none of the regular testers use VST on Linux.
Let us know how you get on.

Personally, I use mostly Nyquist plug-ins and LV2 plug-ins (Xubuntu 18.04).

OK, a pioneer I’ll be then! :open_mouth:

I’ve fired-up a couple of plugins. Their GUI appears and you can make adjustments etc. without crashes, so far.

I’ll tinker with the Parametric Equalizer first to implement some of my levellers.


linux VST’s do work, some fail/crash tho,
also some windows VST’s work + wine & LinVst

about linux native vsts (there is much less choice vs windows) ( i couldnt get lv2, vst3(unsupported) or vamp to work)


or at


paths, could there be custom paths added?

but it might help if the part of audacity that loads or handles the vst
is a separate process (maybe one for 32 and 64-bit’s), maybe opens up possibility of native 32-bit on 64-bit and vice versa
may make it easier for the 32-bit windows port to work with 64-bit vst’s…)

but LinVst ( i don’t know the people who make it )
allows 32-bit VST’s to work on 64-bit linux

also for ocenaudio (windows) files such as




seem to
hint on vst loading architecture, but the linux version of ocenaudio does not work with LinVst