iRig Acoustic Stage and Audacity for Windows

I recently purchased an iRig Acoustic Stage (a pickup for an acoustical instrument that has a USB output). I’d like to record directly from it to Audacity.

When I first plugged the USB into my Windows 10 PC, it did say it installed drivers successfully (FWIW, the iRig doesn’t show up as a device in This PC). The iRig website says to install the ASUI4ALL device driver which I did, but the iRig doesn’t appear in the Audio Host dropdown menu in Audacity.

Thanks for any guidance!

Try [u]this[/u] first.

If that doesn’t do it, right-click the Windows Speaker/Volume icon, and select Recording Devices. Or, if you don’t see that option click Open Sound Settings and then find Input Devices. Make sure the iRig shows-up (it will probably just say “USB sometiing”, it probably won’t say “iRig”). And, make sure it’s enabled.

I Windows sees it, Audacity should see it. Plug-in the USB device before starting Audacity.

The iRig website says to install the ASUI4ALL device driver which I did,

That won’t hurt, but Audacity is not an ASIO application. Audacity uses regular Windows drivers.

The iRig is supposed to be “class compliant” which means it uses the Microsoft-supplied USB audio drivers that come with Windows.

Thanks Doug. Those were good instructions. The iRig (under any name) isn’t appear as an input device or in the Windows Device Manager. I’ll contact the iRig folks as it doesn’t appear to be Audacity related. If I find a solution, I’ll post it here for others who might encounter a similar problem.

FWIW, I contacted the iRig support department asking how I could use the iRig Acoustic Stage with Windows software (and Audacity) and they replied, “Its not going to show up as a windows device that is why you have to use the ASIO driver, your DAW, etc must support ASIO to use this properly at low latency.”

So the short answer is, you can’t use the iRig Acoustic Stage with Audacity.


I got the same problem, did you manage to solve it? When I connect my iRig Acoustic Stage via USB it doesn’t even recognize, and I already downloaded the ASIO driver.
I’m using Win10 (64 bit 20H2 version)

Thank you

The IK multimedia web site states,

Windows®: Fully supports Windows 10 WASAPI for low latency audio. One free USB port. (ASIO4ALL is required on Windows 7 and 8 for low latency audio…

There is more specific support information here: Click on “My iRig doesn’t have dedicated drivers, how do I get started on Windows 10?”

If you still can’t get it to work, you can try Reaper or Cakewalk. I believe they each support ASIO. If you are still having problems, it might be time to send it back.

I hope this helps. :smiley: