IPersistFile Save Failed:: Code 0x80070002

I have installed the latest Audacity, but at the end of the installation I receive this error message: IPersistFile Save Failed:: Code 0x80070002

I have checked for viruses and malware and none show up. I uninstalled an older version of Audacity first and installed the latest version as Administrator. I still received the error message. I uninstalled Audacity again and downloaded the zip file and installed again, but still the same error message.

Can someone give some ideas on how to fix this, please? I have Windows 10 installed.

This is not an Audacity error message.

The error code indicates that Windows is unable to find the file specified, and it usually associated with either a Windows update or Windows backup.
There are many reasons why the problem can occur, including disk failure, a disk being mounted incorrectly, incorrect profile data in the registry, Windows is trying to copy a file that has been deleted or corrupted, or many other reasons. The full error message will generally include information to narrow down the cause of the error.

If you are familiar with troubleshooting Windows problems, you may be able to find help through an Internet search of the full error message.
There is some information about the error in relation to Windows backup on the Microsoft site: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/979281/error-code-0x8100002f-and-or-error-code-0x80070002-when-you-back-up-fi

Thank you for your reply. I will look into this issue further.