Ion max lp turntable not recognized

Windows 11
Audacity 3.4.2
Ion max lp turntable.
On first hookup. Audacity was recording perfectly
Stopped to change settings as no sound was coming from computer. Changed audio playback to microphone (speakers plugged into microphone plug)
When restarting the vinyl there is “no device found” on the dropdown for recording device and we tried restarting, also unplugging and restarting.
Since it initially recorded several songs what can we change to get it working again.
We have tried changing so many settings that we don’t know what to undo.

Right-click on the Windows volume/speaker icon and select Open Sound Settings. Check for a USB “input” or “recording” device.

These USB turntables use the Microsoft-supplied drivers and if Windows finds it, Audacity should find it. (And if Windows doesn’t find it, Audacity won’t see it.)

And of course, select the USB device as your Audacity Recording Device (if it shows-up).

If Windows can’t find it, i’s most likely a hardware problem - It could be a bad USB cable, a bad USB port, or the turntable may be bad.

Of course, you can’t play-back through a microphone and the software shouldn’t recognize a “microphone” as a playback device :wink:

But you probably have a combination mic-headphone jack, with an extra connection for the mic.

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