Invalid Sampling Rate (Trust GXT 252)


I use a Trust GXT 252 Emita microphone and plugged in by using my USB-Port.

Unfortunately, whenever I try to recored audacity sends an error message: “invalid sampling rate”.

I found out that the mic uses 48 kHz/16bit. Though I changed to these specifications in audacity, the error remains.
Obviously there are different places in audacity to change the sample rate (in preferences, left lower corner, menue…)

Moreover, when audacity changes to this exterior mic, only “mono” is available in the display line right to the name of the mic.

Thank you for your help.



Most microphones are mono. Is the Trust GXT 252 Emita microphone a stereo mic?

Have you checked to see what “Audio Device Info” says about the mic?

What are you using as the playback device?