"invalid sample rate" nag is invalid

Audacity 2.3.3
OSX Monterey 12.6.2

here’s what happens:

  1. import an mp3 created with a 22050 rate/32 bit float
  2. resample at 44100
  3. save project
  4. export mp3
  5. throw a shoe at monitor when audacity nags that 22050 is an invalid bit rate

after throwing several pair of shoes, i finally copied the entire track, pasted it into a new project (which correctly read the sample rate as 44100) and exported the mp3 with nary a nag.

clearly, something is b0rked. any ideas?

(yes. i know “upsampling” is nonsensical, but i have my reasons, and i can’t see how it is germane to this issue.)



(The Audacity team is currently reworking its Export logic, so once this effort is completed this difficulty should no longer arise)

OK, so when you create a new Audacity project and import a file into it, the “Project Rate” gets set from your imported file. This Project Rate is later used to govern exports, etc. See Audio Settings Preferences - Audacity Manual (especially the pink box under Quality).