Intrumental Remover Code

can anyone send me please the .ny code for intrumental remover or center-pan isolation. … please. . .

The center-pan REMOVAL nyquist plug-in is here:

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as center-pan isolation. See this thread, where stevethefiddle explained to me why this is:


for who believe that instrumental can be removed or vocals can be isolated. please send me the .ny code please. . or any any source code

Click here for a VST (not .ny) plug-in which can isolate (“retrieve”) center panned audio.

Now the bad news: VST plug-ins appear to have a compatability problem with Audacity …

To be precise, I was explaining why “vocal isolation” can not be achieved in the same manner as “centre pan removal”. Some degree of vocal isolation can be achieved using fancy “noise removal” type effects. There are a few VST plug-ins available for this - “Voice Trap” and “ExtraBoy” are commercial products and there is a free plug-in called “Knockout” (thouh users have reported some unresolved issues with Knockout ).

A certain amount can be achieved just using Audacity’s Noise removal and Equalizer effects. There is a discussion about this here:

Thanks; I understand better now. --Allen

mr steve or anyone else. . . can you make an .ny code for instrumental remover even if its not that effective and accurate in removing the instrumentals and leaving the vocals as acapella… . ( please refer to this URL. its a tutorial on removing instrumentals. even if its not that good, it still worked. so can anyone please make a .ny code for this. using the method in the tutorial (

lisp/nyquist coders, please help me make the instrumental remover code with the method that is done by this tutorial ( … re=related)… can anyone please make an .ny code for this.

That must be one of the worst tutorials that I’ve ever seen. I suspect that the author had no idea what he/she was doing and was blindly copying a technique that someone showed them without understanding it. The crucial part of obtaining a suitable noise profile was completely absent.

If I could write an effective plug-in to automatically isolate vocals I would make it closed source and retire to the Caribbean on the proceeds. Unfortunately doing so is far beyond my technical know-how.

Until recently, vocal isolation was simply impossible. Now, with modern digital spectral analysis it is possible to a limited degree, but still requires manual fiddling about and only works on some tracks. I think that the commercial plug-ins VoiceTrap and ExtraBoy are the best available but still very far from perfect. I think that trial versions are available if you want to give them a go.

I’ll write up a tutorial of the method that I used in this example when I get time, but that’s probably not going to be very soon as it is a little bit complex and will take a fair bit of time to write up. In the mean time, the basic idea is to get a good noise sample into “Noise Removal” of just the music, and then apply Noise Removal to the entire track.

thank you so much mr steve