Interpret Spectrogram

I would just like a little help understanding what this horizontal dead space just above and below 6k might indicate.


Total destructive interference at those particular frequencies.

The amplitude, phase and frequency of the sound waves are such that there is complete cancellation at those frequencies.

A typical cause is sound reflecting from a surface (wall, desk, screen).

[ It can also be inherent to a microphone because of its design: independent of the microphones location in the room ].

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Thank you very much!

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The mic is a Shure SM7B. Does anyone know if this dead zone (just above and below 6k) is a property of the mic?

Just trying to troubleshoot with my meager understanding and setup.

This is what Shure says about their SM7B …

between ~6.5kHz & ~7.5kHz there is a 5dB dip.

It’s more than a 5-6dB dip.

What are you recording? It might be a true representation of the sound.

It doesn’t look like “trouble” to me. I doubt it’s audible.