Internal microphone

I have used Audacity 2.0.3 in Windows 7 before. I have recorded whatever was playing on the computer. Then I got a Logitech Webcam and recorded from it. Now it will only record using the webcam mic. I want to record from the computers sound card. There are no other options under Input but the Webcam mic. Help!

Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and see if “Stereo Mix” is available and enabled.

Other ways to record what is playing on the computer are described here:

There is no “Stero Mix” There is Windows WASAPI. When I select that and try to record the timing bar stays at 0.0 and doesn’t move. No recording is made.

In some cases WASAPI recording needs an audio stream to be playing before the recording cursor will move. Try restarting Audacity. Play what you want to record, then start recording in Audacity.


No, that didn’t change anything. The cursor sits at 0.0 and blinks in time with the music but never moves.

Click the Transport Menu at the top of the Audacity screen then look in that menu and make sure Sound Activated Recording (on/off) doesn’t have a tick (checkmark) by it. If it does, click it to remove that mark and turn it off.


That was not checked. Still not moving. It sits at 0.0 and blinks with the music.

Please try restarting the computer.

When recording computer used to work, what input device did you choose in Audacity? Is that input device visible now in Device Toolbar ? If not, try enabling that device in Windows using these instructions: then restart Audacity.

If neither Windows WASAPI or your built-in sound card stereo mix works when the web cam is connected then you may need to update the audio drivers of the built-in sound card by going to the web site of the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer. Please see: .