Internal microphone not available

Has anyone ever had the mac’s internal microphone not available in Audacity, with line input as your only choice?

Which Mac have you got? The Mac Mini has no internal microphone. That and how old is it? Line-In hasn’t been available on a mac in about three or four years—again, except for the Mini.

Apple (upper left) > About this Mac > System Report > Hardware > Audio: Built In Microphone

If you have a microphone it should be listed.


This is an 8 yr. old Macbook pro running OSX 10.6. I can select internal mike in sys prefs and see the meter respond to my voice. But in Audacity, Line is the only choice. Very puzzling as I know it used to work - something broken? Or am I doing something really stupid?

Which Audacity do you have? When was the last time you restarted the Mac?

After it starts—did you get the Chong?—and settles down, launch Audacity. The Chong is important. That’s the hardware check.

Launch Audacity.

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording > Device. You should be able to get to Built-In Microphone > OK.

Where do you lose it? If it’s still not there, do you use Skype or other chat app?


Ahh, I was trying to set input device with the pull down on the main screen. When set in Audacity Preferences, it works fine.