Internal error at WaveClip.cpp line 161 in Windows

I was doing normal things with this file – some mixing & rendering, some fade in/out on individual tracks, some deleting and shifting lines. Then I selected the whole file to amplify, and I got this message:
Internal error at WaveClip.cpp line 161.
Please inform the Audacity team at

I sent the report.
Then I tried to do a high filter pass to whole file; same error message. I’m about to try to export it to an mp3 – I’m going to be heartbroken if I’ve just lost an afternoon’s work on this podcast episode!

So it sounds like this issue: Internal error at D:\a\audacity\audacity\libraries\lib-wave-track WaveClip.cpp line 174. · Issue #4653 · audacity/audacity · GitHub
which to my knowledge there is no solution for.

Other than adding your report to the github issue, there are three things that may be worthwhile trying:

  1. Ctrl+A=Select All, Ctrl+C=Copy, Ctrl+N=New Project, Ctrl+V=Paste (skipping smart clip copy). See you have the same issue with the new project.

  2. Attempt the Audacity Recovery Procedure on your project - just the first post here: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

  3. See if you have the same problem with the Audacity 3.4 Alpha which has NOT been released yet: | Repository audacity/audacity | Workflow build.yml | Branch master

Disclaimer: The Alpha is untested and may have serious known or unknown bugs. Do NOT use the Alpha for any production work.

Thank you, Jademan! Your first suggestion worked. Before I saw your response, what I did was exported it as an mp3, then opened that and did my amplify and high filter pass on the mp3 file, which worked. This morning, I tried your first suggestion and it worked, so I now have an uncorrupted file with separated tracks. thank you!

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