Interfacing with M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Can’t get my Audacity 2.1.0 to recognize signal from my M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Help desk (now Avid) says they only support Pro-Tools, and I have to go through the Audacity folks to get an updated driver. Running on Windows 7. HELP!!

All you should need is the Windows driver and you may not even need that. If it arrives as a simple stereo device and shows in Windows, then Audacity should know how to connect to it. So look in the Windows Control Panels.

Either restart Audacity or Transport > Rescan… just in case you plugged everything in out of order.

The Fast Track Pro appears to be no longer supported.


Thanks! Did the Transport > Rescan Audio Devices and cranked up the gains, and VOILA, I’m in business!! Still can’t get the system to play back through the headphones that are plugged into my M-Audio unit, but that is not serious, as I can get playback through my computer speaker system.

Maybe not so fast. The M-Audio headphone connection is there to give you your own voice or instrument with no delay. That’s required if you’re planning on overdubbing. Your own live voice is going to be “one computer late” if you listen to the soundcard.

Did you set the Audacity Device Toolbar to play to the M-Audio and set Audacity for overdubbing?

“Works with Pro-Tools” means it knows what low-latency (delay) ASIO software drivers are. Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO.