Interface with Audacity?

Will a USB interface for guitars, bass, mic, and drums work with audacity?

If not, what are some softwares it will work with?

The Interface is a Focusrite Saffire 6, and the OS is Vista.

Looks like Saffire 6 uses ASIO drivers …

NB Customers who use the Novation ASIO drivers for audio via the Xio, X-station, nIO or Speedio should note that they will not be able to do so whilst the Saffire 6 USB is installed on their system.

See …

So what Interface could we get that would work with Audacity? It’s either that, or get Cubase Artist 6, and i’m not even sure if that would work?

Check this topic:

I’m talking about the interface that you can plug a guitar into and record, aswell as a mic… not for multi channel. One track at a time is fine, as long as I can overdub.