Insufficient disk space to save

Has anyone come across this issue? Using MAC and after 4 months of using audacity im getting an error when I try and save a project saying insufficient disk space. “The project exceeds the available free space”.

My hard drive has 65gb spare and I’ve even tried saving into my cloud drive (2TB), same error so something is amiss that isn’t just “clear space”.

FYI the project is only a podcast with audio and it is small, it is NOT a space issue on my drive or cloud so there must be something going wrong, that’s started all of a sudden.

In old times this was related to file format of your drive. Like when using FAT instead of NTFS.
Might it be related to your case?

I’ll be honest mate, I have no idea what you just said lol

Windows guy here.

As you say, it is NOT a space issue. Note that it is possible for an Audacity project to get extremely large. MUCH bigger than anyone could dream.

If you amplify your project by only .1, that will double the size of your project. Certain edits can “delete” massive (e.g. hours) of audio, but due to the “Smart Clip” feature, this can leave these hours of audio still attached to the project.

One trick is save the project early and often, then close the project and reopen it. This can purge massive UNDO buffers that you have sitting around doing nothing but occupying space. They will have to be cleaned up anyway after you finish your final edits.

Another trick is to copy the entire project to a new project. This can delete massive “Smart clip” data that is also undesired. To do this, Ctrl/Cmd+A to select ALL, Ctrl/Cmd+C to copy the selected data, Ctrl/Cmd-N to start a new Audacity project, then Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste all of the selected audio to the new project. When you do this, you will be prompted to paste ONLY the selected data. skipping the Smart Clips.

Brilliant I’ll try this next time working on something. Frustrating that this is even a thing tbh

Aaah thanks Jade… I was also facing the same, will remember the tricks and apply next time.

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