Instrumental Removal

How do I remove a lead instrument in an instrumental with Audacity?

Audacity can’t take apart a mixed performance into individual instruments, voices or sounds. Once it’s mixed, that’s the end. Sometimes you can get some of the more expensive packages to do that, but if your show is an MP3 or other compressed format, the compression distortion will make that rough to do for even them.

If it’s a mono show, no stereo separation, no software is going to work.

You can try Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation. Sometimes that can by accident do what you want.


Right, tried that and it won’t work. Thanks anyway.

I often hear people wanting to remove some instruments or the voice from a song. You can not do that, in the final mix all the frequencies are welded, the voice with the drums instrument etc.
You can not separate them. There are a few software that tries to do this, but you can not isolate an instrument or voice entirely once you have the final mix in Mp3 or Wav format. Check this plugin, maybe you will help you: Kn0ck0ut VST (Free) :smiley:

Some more listed here: