Instrument Plug ins

Hi i’m a newbie to using music editors / Audacity, I would love to know how I can find some instrument plug ins. Maybe some tried and tested links? If you could link the URL plug ins individually and a link to the database you have retrieved them from that would be a massive help thanks :wink:

Audacity is terrific for lots of stuff, but two things that it does not do:

  1. “Real Time”. In Audacity, effects are applied to the recording after it has been recorded. There is no “twiddling knobs” during recording or playback. All processing and editing is “off line” - Select the audio, apply the effect, and if you don’t like it, “Undo” and try again.
  2. “VSTi” (VST Instruments). Audacity does not yet support VST instruments.

If you are looking for free sounds to use in projects, has a large collection of audio samples that are mostly under permissive Creative Commons license.

That’s great Steve thanks, I will check out the free sounds link. Will Audacity get around to supporting VST Instruments?

I’m not aware of any plans to support VST instruments in the near future.
VST instruments are generally designed to work with audio workstations that support MIDI and real-time processing, so I doubt that VSTi will be supported soon. However, if you are interested in creating music then Audacity is still a useful tool. Audio that has been created in other applications can be edited in Audacity. Also, Audacity has strong capabilities for generating musical sounds, which I hope will be developed further.

What sort of thing are you wanting to do?

I was interested in playing around with some instrument sounds - as I can only play guitar, so I would have liked to import/mic up the instrument and use this as my guiding point to build some sound around. I can try Freesound and see what I can find on there. If you know of any other bases please do forward on. I’m really open to seeing what is out there and what I can make use of.


A good, free and open source drum machine: