Installing/Upgrading Audacity

I use Audacity 2.0.5 (installed via .exe) on my Windows 7 PC. I would like to upgrade to the latest version . My question is twofold:

    1. What is the latest version as of 10/28/15? I have found two “latest versions”: ver 2.1.0 (according to the Audacity site) and ver 2.1.1 (according to, I believe, this forum).
  1. (And this is my primary question): Is it necessary to uninstall ver 2.0.5 before installing the latest version?

Thanks for your advice.

You must be looking at some other site. This is the Audacity website:
This is the download page for the Windows version:

If you previously installed Audacity 2.0.5 using the recommended .exe file and installed to the default installation location, then you can use the recommended .exe for 2.1.1 and it will in effect “update” Audacity to the current version. I would recommend that you select the option to “Reset preferences” during the installation as there have been a lot of changes since 2.0.5.

And I bet that other site is .

SourceForge used to host the Audacity site but then they pulled the hosting without warning, leaving us to move hosting to


Ah ha! That could explain why that page is out-of-date. And yes, it’s possible that’s what I saw, even though I remember it as the Audacity site. Thank you both for the info.