Installing to Mac Osx 10.7.5

I’m using a MacBook Pro, late 2011 edition, lion 10.7.5, I’ve applied everything the "Knowledgeable ones have posted but i continue to get this error message,
Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 12.38.49 AM.png

How much memory do you have?

Apple > About This Mac > about the fourth line. My machine says Memory 2GB 667 MHz DDR2

Many applications include your hard drive as part of the “memory.”

Do you have the hard drive icon on your desktop? Control Click on it > Get INFO.


I have 8Gb of Ram and only using 2gigs of that, i have my seagate flex drive attached via usb that i send all my music to, so memory isn’t the problem,

Are you simply launching Audacity when you see that message or are you trying to import hundreds of files into Audacity?

Look at Audacity > About Audacity. If it does not say version 2.0.3, download 2.0.3 here and use that version instead.

Make sure you follow the installation instructions on that page.


I must be doing something wrong, I have “join me” if you wanna screen share and possibly walk me through it, if time permits you to, number for join me is XXX

You’ll need to tell us what you are doing, because we can’t see your machine.

Make sure you have 2.0.3 (not older versions) then go into /Applications/Audacity/ and double-click on the Audacity application. Do you see the panic message then? If not, what do you do to make the message appear?


Ive downloaded the correct version of audacity, did everything else as instructed, my mac must be biased, ill just continue to use recycle, thanks anyway

I doubt you are doing anything wrong, but we still don’t know where and when after launching Audacity that you see this message.

You can also do the Mac hardware test and/or Go > Utilities > Disk Utility > Verify Disk.


it comes after i double click it within applications, itll start off likes its normally loading, the audacity headphones will bounce in my dock for about 30 to 40 sec. then the panic sign comes up, everytime.

Although I think you are better to look at possible hardware issues you can also try quitting Audacity in Activity Monitor then making an audacity.cfg settings file that disables Audio Unit and VST plug-ins: .