Installing software via USB Drive

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and wanting to install the Audacity 2.0 software that came with a USB Cassette Converter. My CD drive on the Vista computer (where I want to install this device) does not work but I have a laptop that does. Is it possible to insert software disk into laptop CD drive, put the software on a USB flash drive and insert that flash drive into Vista computer and install the Audacity software from the flash drive instead of the disk? If this is possible, can someone give me some basic steps to do it? Pretty sure I can handle putting software onto flash drive but then do I just insert flash drive into Vista computer and follow same process as if it’s a disk? Thank you

It’s been our experience that Audacity that arrives on a CD or Thumb Drive is likely to be old and possibly not very well supported. We would urge you to download and install the latest Audacity version, 2.0.5.