Installing George Young's W1 Limiter.component plug-in

I’m new to Audacity. I’m using OS X 10.8.2, Audacity 2.0.4, I used the .dmg installer

I am trying to use Audacity to make sure my audio book narration files meet the specs required by ACX ( I submitted a sample mp3 file created on Garage Band to Audible and they said :" ACX requires all final audio submissions to measure between -23 and -18 dB RMS with peaks at -3 dB. For reference, your sample measures around -26 dB RMS with the highest peak at around -1 dB. Your overall level needs to increase while your peaks need to decrease. As a simple solution, I would recommend applying a brickwall limiter. You can set the output ceiling control to -3dB, ensuring that all audio that passes will not go above that level. Next you will adjust your threshold. The threshold setting is dependent upon the audio you are processing as well as the plug-in that is being used so I can’t give you a specific setting. As a ballpark guess, I would say start by setting the threshold to around -9 or -10 dB"

In a followup e mail they suggested I use Audacity but that I needed to install a limiter and they recommended the 4Front W1 Limiter. A search identified this file was located at and was called “George Yohng’s W1 Limiter.component” I downloaded and attempted to install this file using the instructions in the attached Read Me Text. They have several alternative installation methods and I tried them all. Nothing worked. The plug-in did not show up on Audacity.Am I correct that if this plug-in is installed properly it should appear in the EFFECTS column?

What am I doing wrong or is there a better method or plug-in to help me master my Garage Band created mp3 files so they meet AXC’s specs?

Thanks for any help and please understand I’m new to this.

I read more posts on the forum and figured how to install the 4Front W1 Limiter plug-in. I ran the mp3 file I created on Garage Band though Audacity and used the limiter. I sent the sample back to ACX and hopefully it will meet their “between -23 and -18 dB RMS with peaks at -3 dB” specifications. As I get more familiar with Audacity I plan to record and edit straight on to Audacity.
I would be interested in hearing from other book narrators who use Audacity to record, edit and master for ACX books.Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


I’m in the same position you were, starting with narration and seeking a good Limiter. I went with the advice you received and I’m trying out Yhong’s Limiter.

Did you find this one successful? If so, what settings do you change please?


I ran the mp3 file I created on Garage Band

We’d probably not do that. MP3 processing creates sound distortion and the distortion goes up every time you make a new one and the damage can be serious.

You can capture in Audacity and do all your processing and effects in the very high quality Audacity internal format. Then, when you’re ready to produce the MP3, Make a WAV first as your archive backup, and then make the deliverable MP3. If you have to open up the show and do something different or make changes, forget the MP3 and open the WAV. The trip to MP3 will only ever happen once and the distortion will be manageable.


There is also a limiter available on our wiki:
This plug-in is cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).
Instructions for installing:

You just have to rename the component extension to vst and place it in your vst folder

Which “component” are you referring to?
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