Installing ffmpeg deletes Audacity

The title says it all. I installed Audacity, then Tried installing ffmpeg (both on a harddrive thats not my System drive, i think thats relevant) through the link you get from Audacity itself, but after the installation Audacity was gone and my dektop shortcut lead to nothing

I agree with you - I don’t think the one should have anything to do with the other. You should be downloading Audacity from here: Audacity ® | Downloads

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So I uninstalled audacity and ffmpeg, then re downloaded audacity from the link you provided (pretty sure its the same link i used before, re installed ffmpeg (this time in a separate folder on the same harddrive) and now it works. I guess it had a hiccup because i put both in a Folder named “audacity” or something

I’m glad to hear it is sorted. :grinning:

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