Installing Audacity

I installed audacity as described in the booklet that came with my turntable. All the connections are in the right place. Now, when I click on Preferences, I don’t get a list of devices. Also, when I click on record, I get the message,error while opening sound device. Input device settings project sample rate. I hope you will be able to help me. I have Windows 7 installed on my computer.

Check the Audacity version number (Help menu > About Audacity).
If it is not Audacity 2.0.2, uninstall it and get the current version from here:

If your turntable is a USB turntable, see here for instructions:

I have checked what version of audacity that I have, and I do have the latest. When I check preferences and then devices, it shows no devices. I was wondering what I can do to change that. Thanks for your help.


Does your computer have any audio devices built in or attached?

I’m guessing that you are trying to record sounds that are playing on your computer, using a Windows 7 desktop computer. Is my crystal ball right? If so, see here: Windows Sound Control Panel

I’ve merged the topics. I assume the problem is still the “turntable” issue.

If this is a USB turntable please follow this step by step: .

Please tell us exactly what you cannot do that is asked for in that page. Choose the USB Audio Codec for recording device and built-in Speakers for playback device.

At which step does it go wrong? Give us some information to go on, so we can help. Make and model of turntable. Version of Windows (for example, Vista). Can you record from the turntable? Or is the problem there are no playback devices?


I’m having problems with recording. I follow the instructions in my booklet, but when I want to hear what I just recorded, I can’t hear anything. I have Windows 7 and I have an “Innovative Technology” turntable. Thanks for all your help.

Please don’t keep starting new topics about the same question.

Have you tried following the instructions that Gale posted the link to? If you have and you still have problems, please describe clearly how far you have got and what specifically you need help with.