Installing ACX Checker

I am trying to add the Nyqiust ACX checker plug in and cannot for the life of me get it to appear as a new pluf=g in option. I have thoroughly read the chain from 2017 and am experiencing many of the same problems, but the solution does not work

  1. When I search on my computer for a plug in folder, I get a folder that has nothing in it
  2. I dragged the downloaded plug in into this folder but cannot get the .txt off of the end of the file name.
  3. I have restarted everything again and again … cannot figure this out.

Does anyone have any advice? I’m working on a MacBook and can’t even seem to find anything but the actual application file for Audacity. I may sound pretty non-tech … but I’m actually pretty good … just not used to working with this equipment and have a three-books series waiting for me to get started.
Appreciate any help!!

What version of Audacity?

If you have 2.3.2 or later (you really should have version 2.4.2) …

Click on the Tools menu and select Nyquist Plug-in Installer .

Follow the instructions on the linked manual page.

After you have successfully installed it you’ll need to enable it …

Click on the Tools menu and select Add / Remove Plug-ins. Follow the instructions on the linked manual page to enable the ACX Check plug-in.

– Bill

ACX Check appears under Analyze, not Effects.

Are you using Audiobook Mastering or some other pre-baked process for producing your work? It’s almost impossible to announce directly into ACX Standard and the regular audio tools can drive you nuts.