Installed Manual

Ubuntu 20.04 focal/x86-64
Audacity 3.0.0
Installed from Snapstore (Audacity latest/edge)

I downloaded the Manual for 3.0.0 to my desktop. Audacity Wiki says the installation is normally to /usr/share/audacity, or possibly /usr/local/share/audacity. I have sudo unzipped to both locations but the help button cannot find either, even though my preferences setting is ‘local’.
Should I instal it somewhere else, or can you tell me which file to edit to enable audacity to find it?

Thanks. Roger

If I recall correctly, another user discovered that opening the manual does not work with the Snap version of Audacity.
We don’t make the Snap version, so there is nothing we can do about that. You may want to report the issue to whoever created the Snap build.